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Mindful : To be conscious or aware of something.

Com•mu•ni•ty : People gathering for a common purpose.

Rev•o•lu•tion : A forcible change in favor of a new system.

A Platform that requires action : WE are the CHANGE

VIBEUP members commit to living in practice of the following virtues >


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Planting trees is one of the greatest ways to help. 15 billion trees are cut down each year. 46% of the world's trees are lost. At this rate we have 4 generations left. We've partnered with to plant a trees every month.


Request: Plant 1+ trees per year.

WE Plant Trees.

Find local farmers, markets & co-ops >

Support local businesses and farmers vs. big agriculture. It not only is healthier for our bodies, but for the planet, our economy, eco-system, and all systems. Shop local and support small businesses, not large, profit-driven corporations. 


Request: Shop organic, local.

WE Shop Local.

Learn more via in our Library article >

Everything you consume is voting, ie., supporting something. Whether it's apparel, energy, waste, social media, media, etc - where you put your time, attention, money, energy grows what you're giving it to. Be responsible for the effects of your choices.


Request: Know what your attention is growing.

WE Consume Consciously.

More commitments added soon

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