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Mindful : To be conscious or aware of something.

Com•mu•ni•ty : People gathering for a common purpose.

Rev•o•lu•tion : A forcible change in favor of a new system.

A Platform that requires action : WE are the CHANGE

The Mission.

Please read, share, give feedback, and commit - together is the only way.


The biggest help right now is using and sharing the platform.

In a world brimming with disconnection, chaos, and uncertainty, it's time for us to unite in a movement that transcends boundaries and seeks to rekindle the flames of well-being, community, and our profound relationship with nature. The state of our world today is marked by challenges that affect us all, from the pervasive sense of isolation to the pressing environmental crises that threaten the very fabric of our existence. But amidst these challenges, there is hope, and that hope resides in the power of mindful living.

After years of work, we are grateful to invite you to join the global VIBEUP community movement—a sanctuary for like-minded individuals, organizations, and communities dedicated to the movement and practice of mindfulness and holistic wellness. VIBEUP is not just a platform; it's a home where seekers of well-being and providers of wellness solutions, communities, businesses, creators, leaders, partners and collaborators can come together, both in the digital realm and the tangible world. It's a place where connections are forged, ideas are nurtured, and change begins.

Our mission is audacious yet undeniably urgent: to spark a global tipping point (3% of any community) by uniting 300 million souls who share a commitment to mindful living and healthier practices. Together, we will breathe life into new systems that transcend the conventional. We will reimagine the way we grow and consume food, source and manage water, harness energy, educate ourselves and future generations, protect and support all human rights, build our economies, and foster sustainable communities where generational wisdom thrives.

At VIBEUP, we believe that mindfulness is the catalyst for change—a force that can reshape our world and redefine our priorities. By embracing mindfulness, we cultivate empathy, resilience, and an unwavering connection to our planet. And it starts within each of our daily actions. They matter. They're energy - our past decisions have literally created our current world, and are already creating our future. It's time to do so intentionally, as we now know we are the drivers of change on our planet. We're not just advocating for change; we're actively creating it. And we need you to be a part of this transformative journey.

Join us, and together, we will amplify the vibrations of positivity, consciousness, and unity. Let's transcend the barriers that separate us and build bridges that connect our hearts and minds, support healing as living, and redefines success as happiness, health, joy, and interconnectedness. Together, we can tip the scales toward a brighter, more mindful future for all, for generations to come.

The world needs us, and we need each other. Welcome to VIBEUP—the mindful revolution starts here.

With boundless hope and endless possibilities,

The VIBEUP Team and Community

Radical change necessitates radical action.   Together, WE literally ARE the CHANGE.

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