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Mindful : To be conscious or aware of something.

Com•mu•ni•ty : People gathering for a common purpose.

Rev•o•lu•tion : A forcible change in favor of a new system.

A Platform that requires action : WE are the CHANGE

The ubuntu beach club is a brand new, modern-natural, eco-community living space for short to long-term living and home owners, offering 14 eco-villas, 6 commercial units, and full community amenities for mindful living, retreats, and wellness programming, powered by VIBEUP.

Located where the jungle meets the sea just 10 minutes north of Nicaragua's most favorited, buzzing beach town, San Juan del Sur. It's a perfect location to immerse yourself in well-being, mindful community, and nature. ​Home and commercial rentals and real-estate goes live soon.




Rentals and Homes Available Soon

Co-Working + Co-Living + Wellness Spaces

Community Amphitheater + Programming

Local Hospitality + Retail Market

Local Hospitality + Retail Market

Comfortable Bedrooms

Spacious Indoor + Outdoor Living



Introducing our Transformative Living + Regenerative, Oceanfront, Mindful Community,    

Oceanfront Beach Club Amenities

Modern-Natural Regenerative Design

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