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VIBEUP Thoughts: VIBEUP history and evolution


VIBEUP was never intended to be a business... but a symbol and space for like-minded, mindful community enthusiasts to come together to celebrate life, practice, and community.

It started with events in January, 2015, and organically grew into festivals, community development services, and multi-family, high-rise resident community services. All the while, it's mission and purpose of helping people and the planet remained somewhat unclear in it's how this is meant to happen, and what for that will take or needs to. From 2015 through 2019 VIBEUP held over 20 mindful social festivals bringing together hundreds to thousands of participants, hundreds of local to international wellness brands, and worked with dozens of high rise properties in Chicago, in total inspiring and influencing tens of thousands of people by introducing local to global renowned teachers, scientists, healers, doctors, and community leaders, and cultivating events, services, and experiences to practice and share in those mindful practices. Still, something more was underneath it all, a deeper mission, a larger ability to offer more connection, room for learning, and spaces to hold this community... then the pandemic hit.

As VIBEUP was positioned for national growth with partnerships formed to grow into 3 other markets, including New York City, Denver, CO, San Diego, CA, by spring 2020, the business had to completely shut down it's operations and quickly pivoted to offering digital services for it's community and high-rise residential clients. Despite losing well over six-digits of income in the start of 2020 due to not being able to host festivals, the pivot to digitally run services offered the silver linings of freedom to operate location-independent, and the ability to reposition to connect with a much larger audience online, to ultimately and eventually provide services again offline. With the festival division closed, the residential division was acquired in a merger late spring 2020, and this enabled a for multi-year moment of internal reflection, and a chance to organize this newly evolved opportunity and vision. By winter 2021, coming into 2022, the reflection time came into clarity of this new vision, and the foundation to support it has now been realized in its conceptual potential. The creation of such a digital foundation for a lifestyle community movement is now long underway and overdue... we're excited. We're excited to reintroduce VIBEUP in the spring of 2022, it's mission to help people and Planet, and it's global connections that are uniquely positioned to spark a conversation in consciousness, as well as a path for us all to hold space for each other, ourselves, and our global collective... to consciously evolve, rooted in our innate responsibility to live in harmony and healthy union with ourselves and the Planet. Learn more about the new VIBEUP Path, the 4 stages to evolving consciously together, and our Founder, Luke Jensen. We look forward to holding space together very soon, and for years to come... Join us.

"We are evolution waking up to itself as evolution. It is time we take conscious responsibility of this fact, the choices we make, and our growing awareness to this gift. The future is created by the choices we make today."



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