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Livingheart: personal and planetary health begin with your daily practice.

It’s time for health and sustainability to come together in one service.


  • In a nutshell, Livingheart offers guidance aimed at making you the best human you can be, for yourself and our planet. Health outcomes and environmental impact can be traced back to your daily practice; or the habits, routines, and patterns that make up your daily life.

  • Starting with the Daily Practice Assessment, Livingheart analysts provide specific tools, resources, knowledge and insights to empower successful changes in your daily practice. These changes will collectively lead to a steady and resilient life practice - meaningfully rooted in health and the environment.



  • Learn how to enhance the health of your union of Self and Planet.

  • Your daily practices are your direct impact on the world. Collectively, our direct impact!

  • Receive guided, ongoing support to improve your life.

  • The Assessment is FREE, upgrade for personal results and coaching:


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