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Mindful : To be conscious or aware of something.

Com•mu•ni•ty : People gathering for a common purpose.

Rev•o•lu•tion : A forcible change in favor of a new system.

A Platform that requires action : WE are the CHANGE

General Support & Best Practices

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Take Action

A few shortcuts to things you may be looking for

  1. Be kind, patient, present, and compassionate.

  2. Complete your profile to fully showcase yourself which also allows others to find you based on any of their interested search criteria.

  3. Engage on the platform with positive actionable posts, reviews, saving items, and messaging.

  4. Share the platform with your friends, family, local, and global community to help grow your personal community, as well as the movement at large.

The 4 most important things to do:

  • ​Be authentic and honest in all of the interests and information you share

  • Add high quality images of you that represent your life, lifestyle, and interests 

  • Add links to your social, website, and contact sections to help others connect with you

  • Interact often, follow and message others, rate profiles with positive vibes 

  • Commit to answering all messages with kindness, while maintaining respectful mutual boundaries

  • Leave honest reviews that offer positive feedback and information for others to grow from

  • Be creative and thorough in showcasing yourself in your profile - entering all fields, high quality images, accurate links all helps improve connections

Other Helpful Tips:

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