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“I joined the Transformer Program and within 30 days we ascended my mindset, refined my offer, and generated over $40,000.
Don't hesitate. Join now.”

-Melissa Klassen, Liberated Dance

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“I joined VIBEUP's Accelerator Program in January, and in 3 weeks we ascended my mindset, refined my offer, and generated $40,000+.
Don't hesitate. Join now.”
-Melissa Klassen



Catalyzing Conscious Evolution for Personal and Professional Growth

VIBEUP is a platform dedicated to helping Humans, Businesses, and the Planet transform. We are dedicated to support conscious evolution, propel purpose-driven businesses forward, and live in harmony with nature. The need for proactive full-being regenerative health, transformation, and inclusion has never been greater. Together is the way.

Creator of the month

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Creator of the month

Dr. Kate Siner
I work with clients seeking spiritual guidance or healing and with students seeking mentorship in the healing and helping arts. My work is supported by my more than 20 years of devoted study of personal growth, spiritual transformation, and holistic healing methods, with respected world-leaders in these disciplines. My continuous pursuit of the most effective pathways to transformation and healing has guided the evolution of my work at every step. It is a privilege to share my life’s work with you.
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Community Stories

Soon, hear real stories from people just like you who have transformed and found success within the VIBEUP Community. From personal to professional growth, these stories showcase the power of collaboration in the VIBEUP community.


Helping world-changing companies change the world.
VIBEUP Create is a suite of services designed to help businesses grow.


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Tired of being invisible on the internet? Get Featured on VIBEUP and be connected with a growing community of thousands of mindful members. Showcase your services, grow your business, and live in harmony.


The VIBEUP System is a one-stop shop for your online business. With a branded business profile, a full marketing and sales product suite, you have all you need to launch your new business system: Payment processing, member gated access, social media and course configuration, and a dedicated support manager.

Join the Transformer to accelerate your business on a proven path to success.


The VIBEUP Create division is here to help your online business grow. We've designed guided programs and marketing solutions that drive results, with sales support, and a proprietary system designed to optimize growth. In short: We can help craft your offer, build your system, then launch it to the world.


Join the VIBEUP community and connect with yourself and like-minded individuals. Access a wide range of tools, courses, articles, and ideas to help you grow and thrive. With thousands of members, you'll find a wealth of knowledge and support to help you on your path.


Consumption is anything we intake, and our daily choices affect not only our being, but our communities and the Planet. The VIBEUP Consume Mindful Shop offers a wide-range marketplace of conscious products. From sustainable apparel, to home decor, health, beauty, and books, we've got something for everyone. Consume consciously.


At VIBEUP, we know we can't do it alone and we believe in physics, where the strength of positive change resides in the power of community. The platform is a place to support individuals gathering for the common purpose of transforming together, knowing that living in harmony with the Planet is essential. Blog, events, and forum are coming soon.


Whether you're a purpose-driven entrepreneur or small business, our Create+ division is designed to help you craft your offer, refine your message, grow, and increase your positive impact in the world. Access a wide range of resources, including a business profile, transformer programs, and soon a master-community.
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I joined the VIBEUP Accelerator Program and in 3 weeks we ascended my mindset, refined my offer, and generated $40,000+. Don't hesitate. Join now. Melissa Klassen
Melissa Klassen
On the other side of launching my coaching program through the VIBEUP Transformer I gained 12 $5,000 clients: $60,000. They know how to help you craft and offer and get it to market.
Amar Sighn
As a Chiropractor I always searched for more meaning and ways to serve my clients. By working with VIBEUP I realized that my purpose is not only in serving my clients, but to help practitioners improve their practice. I’m excited to launch my program and reach more than I imagined possible.
Dr. Adam
I’ve been following VIBEUP since the beginning… from their festivals to intimate events, community services, and online content, I’m grateful for the positive impact VIBEUP has had on my life. I’m excited to see what’s next!
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Brittany Wilson
As a luxury high-rise residential Property Manager, I wanted to make sure that we stood apart from the rest. We were very fortunate to find this in VIBEUP. Their software and services have formed quite the community, and is a big reason some residents have renewed with us.
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Jennifer Saucedo
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
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We only work with select purpose-driven, open-minded individuals or business leaders who are ready to commit to a journey through the uncomfortable unknown and into a space of possibilities.
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