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Mindful : To be conscious or aware of something.

Com•mu•ni•ty : People gathering for a common purpose.

Rev•o•lu•tion : A forcible change in favor of a new system.

A Platform that requires action : WE are the CHANGE

We Believe

Humanity is at the precipice of great change. We are the drivers of change on the Planet, responsible for our future. Let's build it together, mindfully. This is our mission. It will take years, and millions of people.

But our world needs us, now. Without wellbeing and interconnectedness at our core, our relationship with the Planet is disconnected.

Yet there is a mindfulness movement rising through us. You're reading this because of it. That is why we're building a platform - a shared place for the growing mindful community to gather.

We represent the global movement in mindfulness, led by purpose-driven individuals and businesses that ARE BEING the change needed for our future, today.

Join us. We're in this together.

VIBEUP movement in community mindfulness

Join the Intentionally Mindful Community. Soon.

A Home for Mindful







A platform designed to meet the growing need for mindful community, resources, and connections

How it Starts

Interested in collaborating or investing?

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A human-centric user experience with a search+filterable database of mindful resources and members


Unique member-profiles to spark connection, featuring  purpose, values, intentions, interests, skills, astrology & more


An ever populating filterable network of mindful members and businesses to connect and grow with online and offline


Filter the platform by location to connect with communities, members, events, and more, where you're looking for them


A mindful library of carefully curated quality resources featuring global leaders, products, media, tools, and more


Showcase your business to 1,000s of members.

Get Featured, For Free


Start creating your personalized profile now.

Become a Member, For Free



Create + share your profile with friends to grow  your mindful practice + network 

Search the network based on intentions, values, unique chemistry & more


Your unique, growing network of mindful Humans, based on aligned interests 


The best of social, dating, and human connection apps into one, to serve the mindful movement. It starts with >

How it Works

As the community grows, so will the platform. Mindful social feed, events, courses, and fin-tech solutions are in the works


BEFORE, the wellness industry was scattered across social, Google, and stand-alone brands.
NOW, it's gathering in one place. WE are the CHANGE.

It's time to be intentional.

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Madelin Petz

Since 2015 VIBEUP has added good vibes to my life, the community, and the world. I'm excited for the new platform to launch. The world needs it now more than ever.

Community Health Director + Professor

Introduce Your Friends to What's Coming >

That's gravity - physics. This is how we vibe-up... Together.

The More People, the Stronger the Results

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A platform that requires action. WE ARE the CHANGE.

Mind•ful : Conscious or aware of something.

Com•mu•ni•ty : People gathering for a common purpose.

 Rev•o•lu•tion : A forcible change in favor of a new system.